Monday, 1 April 2013

Shopping in Uganda

 I thought I would tell you about shopping in Uganda. When you go shopping here, you have to plan a good half day to full day to get every where you need to go. When I am shopping for groceries, I have to plan anywhere from 4-6 stops to get everything I need. Depending on how much time you have can also depend on where you go as well.

I use to coupon in the states. Buy multiple items of the same thing to get it at the lowest price when I added my coupons. Here you figure out who has the cheapest prices on different things and you go to that store. I still buy many items, especially if the price is good.

 Here in Uganda, I go to the butcher (meat store), the produce stand, and then a few different supermarkets. Each supermarket varies in size and all of them have food items, but also home items.  One store called Capital we go to even though it is across town.  It has our favorite bread and really good prices on cleaning products and food items.  We also have a store called Game which is owned by Wal-mart.  So we see some Wal-mart brand things in there.  They have weekly sales that you always want to check out for specific household items.  Shoprite is another store that reminds me a lot of big grocery stores in America.  We can get cheese cheap there and a few other items cheaper there.  Cheese is very expensive, it usually cost around $5 or more for a small chunk.  A large chunk cost about $10-$12 for a good tasting brand.  So going to a store that puts cheese on sale is wonderful.  We even have one other store called Embassy that is near the US Embassy that usually has some American items and a few other things.  It is the closest store when I just need a few things.

 Here are a few pictures I took of a couple of stores.  The objective is the same.  You shop where you can find the best prices and the items you need.  Shopping it is always an adventure in Africa.

 Meat Market

 Eddie the produce man in front of Embassy Supermarket

 Typical Supermarket that you see all over the place. 

 This is a mall.  It has another grocery store, hair salons, nail salons, pizza place, dry cleaners and even a Ice skating rink.  You skate on a type of plastic.

This is a supermarket that is very close to our house and has a little ice cream shop.  We love to have a treat of ice cream.  You can get a mini cup for around a $1. :)
Happy Shopping Everyone!

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