Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sisters and Friends

Sisters and Friends

My family consists of my parents, two brothers and me.  My upbringing was great and I was able to experience sports as a spectator and also a participant. I was in some ways a Tom girl always wanting to follow my brothers around and be involved in what they did when I was young.  I knew how to relate to guys, but not to girls.  I struggled for years to have healthy relationships with girls.  One of the many blessings God has given me is showing me how to have a healthy relationship with other Christian women.  He started guiding me even the day I was saved.  I was at a girl friend’s home preparing for her wedding and I told Raymond to come get me to take me to church.  That is the day I accepted Christ.  That is also the day that this unhealthy relationship ended.

Through the years, God has given me some really beautiful relationships with Godly Christian women.  He has given me friends and sisters.  Here are a few important women in my life that have helped me live, laugh, love, and grow in Christ. 

The first person is in America in the wonderful state of Florida.  It is Phoebe.  We are both southern women who have education majors, love scrapbooking, and handsome sons that keep us busy.  She has made me laugh, think, and helped me prepare for missionary work.  Her family has a heart of giving to others and serving people.  I am thankful for her friendship and stepping back into her life while in America.

Phoebe & I at Thanksgiving 
The next person is my friend from the Netherlands, Debbie.  She is a quirky friend that is full of energy and has taught me to laugh and enjoy life.  She has reminded me to make sure I breathe through everything and put everything in God’s hands.  She has became a part of our family in Uganda.  We helped each other through our ups and downs of living in a foreign country.  Raymond says that she knows how to bring a peace to me.  She is my sister in Christ and I am forever changed by our friendship.

                                           Debbie - friend from the Netherlands and fellow teacher

The next group of ladies are special to me, because they are my Ugandan sisters.  Esther and Margaret.  Esther was my assistant in my 2nd grade class and Margaret was the assistant in the other 2nd grade class.  Esther and I have the same birth month and a love of worshipping God.  She is a worship leader for her church and has a heart to serve.  She helped me to learn to let go and let others help in getting the job done.  I use to have trouble with trying to make everything perfect in the classroom and controlling everything.  I loved that we were able to lean on one another, share our struggles, fears, accomplishments, joy and life together.  Then Margaret came to the school and we were a fun trio enjoying the fellowship of sisters in Christ.  They taught me the real Uganda.  A little of language, a lot of culture, and introduced me to wonderful Ugandan food.  I am thankful that I was not just a white person, but someone they welcomed at their lunch table and willing to experience life with.
Esther my Ugandan sister

Margaret -  my Ugandan sister
Last, but never least, is my missionary sisters, Meg & Kelly.  They are both fellow missionaries with WGM in Uganda. They understand what it means to live in another country and feel overwhelmed by life.  How bringing your children to a foreign country can be beautiful, but has its challenges.  Most of all they know how following God’s call to ministry is precious.  Sharing Christ to the Ugandan people is amazing. They each have their special ministry in Uganda and we all play a different role in bringing people to Christ.  These are some of the wonderful mission family that I have prayed for and enjoyed ministry with the past year.

 Many of my fellow missionaries were so important to my journey in Uganda.  All of us ladies held each other up in prayer, encouragement and friendship.  I thank God also for Christine, Delight, Lisa, Joyce, Joanna & Lisa.  You inspire me to be a greater women and spirit led missionary.  Many other ladies were also involved in my life in Uganda and I appreciate all the important ways that God used fellow women from around the world to encourage me.

Ray & I with Christine & Jeff
Joyce & George with us on my birthday

Thanksgiving Field picture - All my mission family

September Group Picture

Becca, Lisa, Jean & I looking at Lake Victoria

Delight & I hanging out here in the states

So ladies, thank you for helping me grow deeper in Christ, experience life together, and serve the Lord together.

Your sister and friend,

Thursday, 30 January 2014

February 2014 Ministry Update & Schedule

Greetings everyone! We are starting to travel for the month of February in the Southeastern states with a heavy concentration of activities in Florida. We want to start a drive to pass our biggest hurdle. In the next two months, we would like to gain 80 new champions for the ministry needs we have. Even if you are not able to support us directly, perhaps you could host us in your home and have the same result of connecting us to the champions that the Lord has for us. Most of our weekend days are filled, but we still have some Wednesday nights and most other weekday nights(or days) open. Would your church be willing to invite us to speak on Wednesday evening? Do you have a small group that would like to hear how the Lord is moving in other parts of the world? If you would like to partner with us or are interested in hosting us, please let us know. We would love for you to introduce us to your church, family and friends.  Even if we are not able to meet with them in the month of February, we still need to fill dates in the months to come.  Please be in prayer for the following events and we would love to see many of you at the wonderful churches that have already invited us to share. 

January 31st & February 1st - Traveling to Florida
February 1st - Avon Park Holiness Camp - 6:30 pm Service
February 1st-7th - Enjoying the services at Avon Park Holiness Camp 
February 9th - Faith Wesleyan Church in Lakeland, FL - 6:00 pm Service  will attend in the morning service 
February 12th - Lake Gibson Church of the Nazarene  in Lakeland, FL - 7:00 pm Service
February 13th -21st - Enjoying the services at Florida Holiness Campground
February 15th - Home meeting
February 16th - Highland Park Church of the Nazarene
                         10:30 am Joy Sunday School Class
                          6:00 pm Chapel Service
February 23rd - North Fort Myers Church of the Nazarene - 10:45 am Service
February 24th-25th - Travel back to Wilmore, KY

While we are staying at Avon Park Holiness Camp & Florida Holiness Camp we would love the opportunity to share a meal with you if you are there.  Lakeland, there are no meals served in the evenings at the Florida Holiness Campground, so we are wondering if we can invite ourselves over for dinner?  This will help us to keep costs down.  Let us know if you would like us to join you for a meal.

May the Lord bless you all!

Nicole & Raymond Leisure

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Thanking Jesus for my husband

I am thanking Jesus for my husband today and his willingness to go where God has called us.  Raymond and I celebrated in November our 20th wedding anniversary.  When I reflect on how God brought the two of us from opposite sides of the country together in a small town in Minnesota.  Even though Ray & I did not have a personal relationship with Christ, we can now see how God had his hand in our lives even back then.


God could direct what seemed impossible then and he was able to direct what seemed impossible now by sending us to Uganda.  I am so proud of the heart of Ray and his willingness to say to God – send me and I will use the gifts you have given me to serve fellow missionaries and the Ugandan people.  Over the year Ray was able to help with networking set up at Heritage International School.  He was also able to assist in IT work at the school, fix laptops for Africa Gospel Church pastors, missionaries, teachers, and students at the school.

                                                Inside of a laptop that Ray fixed (one of many)

 Then he was able to work with helping to maintain and coordinate maintenance on the missionary vehicles and other various jobs for our World Gospel Mission family.  Ray was able to research and explore alternate fuels, cooking sources and water systems.
Mwato stove that he used and shared with the Ugandans
                                     Raymond working on his Bio Gas system
                               The final results of the Bio Gas system was to be able to boil water.

Five years ago he was following me to Africa wondering what his purpose in the short term mission trip was all about.  I remember him talking to an African Pastor that was visiting us in Florida, before our first trip.  Ray was trying to explain many possibilities that the Pastor could do and the Pastor explained to him that God had given him the mind to understand and use the principles.  They could not just read the information like him and make it happen.  Ray then arrived in Uganda and his heart was opened to how he could help the missionaries and the Ugandans.  So I am Thanking Jesus for my husband and his servant heart and mind.