Wednesday, 19 December 2012


We have been here since August 2012 and have had our fair share of sickness. Even while I write this, I am dealing with sickness. When you come into a new environment, you seem to get a lot of things. I had to go through 3 weeks of treatment back in October for an infection. When we are sick, it stops us from the work God has brought us to do. Sometimes it is very discouraging.

I will tell you a little about the process here in Africa. I go to a local hospital that is considered one of the best in the city. It happens to be not to far from my house. When you arrive, you check into a desk. They give you a slip of paper and you go and pay the bill. Some do have accounts, but they have to have their index finger scanned for verification. When I see the doctors at the clinic, I pay about $8-9. If I see a specialist, then I pay about $20-$25.

I then go back with my paid receipt and then I am put on the list for the nurse to take my vitals. Once I have my vitals taken, I then wait for the doctor. Each part of the process, you sit and wait on wooden benches outside. It is a covered waiting area, but it is outside. When you see the doctor, they bring you in to sit in office chairs, next to the doctor’s desk. I never laid down on a bed or was offered the bed, unless it was necessary. It is not being mean - I think being a efficient. The doctor checked my ears for infection, but that does not need a bed. It is funny, how we seem to think we always need a bed when we go to the doctors.

I was asked to go get blood drawn and urine checked. We then have to go and pay the cashier first. Which I will say is usually another long line, since a lot of people pay cash. It is ok - it is just a part of the process. The positive is that I have gotten to know the cashier Ronnie by showing patience and kindness. That is the key to everything you do in Uganda. Smile, greet, and be patience. The workers remember you and will treat you nicely when you do. So after I get the test done I wait somewhere else and then I am called to see the doctor when they get the results.

The difference in the states, you usually stay in one room, lay on a bed and they take blood, and you wait in that same room. Here you just transfer to different places, so they can see the next patient. I kind of like it. They also have a pharmacy right on sight. No traveling is needed. This is very nice to have one right there.

They have a cafeteria, but the difference is that it is outside. You can sit down and be served or can get things to go. There is hard working people that want to help in every area of the hospital. Not much different than the states. The bonus is I don't have to pay a huge amount of money. I am trying to still be a light to the people, even when I am sick.


Monday, 17 December 2012

We raise our white flags

Passion Conference came to Uganda at the end of September. We thought we were just going to a concert, but we did not realize we were going to a life changing experience. A group of us from Heritage International School went together in two buses. There was in the group older adults, parents, singles, and teens. So many of us were transformed by the concert that night. Most of us were from America or Europe going to our first concert in Uganda. When we arrived at the University where it was being held, we were greeted by a line of people welcoming us to the event.

The Passion Team started the concert with a declaration to the Lord. A woman read Isaiah 61 - The Year of Jubilee.  Uganda celebrated 50 years of independence on October 9th, 2012.  Isaiah 61 was given to me over 3 years ago as I was preparing to become a missionary.  I opened my bible and found that scripture marked with an “x”.  I have read the scripture many times before this day happened.    When the woman began quoting scripture, I knew God was going to show me something that night.  The rest of the night was in many ways indescribable, just like the song, Chris Tomlin sings.  We were near the stage in a sea of Ugandans, but we were celebrating as brothers and sisters in Christ.  We did not know until after wards that we were in a sea of 20 to 30 thousand people.  We were declaring victory over this country.  God’s victory!  “We all raised our white flags, we surrendered all for Christ.”

This picture is from the Passion group.

We spent time in prayer with those around us, for our nation, for the people, for the pastors, for our leaders.  We also prayed for the next city on the tour.  Louie Giglio gave the message and even showed us how the universe is constantly in worship to its creator.  He joined the music of stars in the galaxy and whales to make a beautiful chorus to God.

Dancing with all the sea of African brothers and sisters was the most exhilarating experience of my life.  May we always have the passion of Christ, to proclaim the good news to all the nations!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Healing touch

Roses!  A beautiful creation by God.  These roses I got from my own yard here in Uganda.  I always wanted to plant and take care of roses like my mother did as I grew up.  The beauty and scents remind me of my childhood and the joy I saw of my mother growing them.  A lot of women I know love flowers and appreciate them from their loved ones.  I am no different, I love to receive flowers from others and I like to give flowers to others.

These flowers bring me great joy, because I came just at the right time to be here when they bloomed.  For many weeks and maybe even months, roses are just a thorny bush.  Nothing special about them.  That is until God's delicate creations begin to open up.  This reminds me of God's healing touch and how he has transformed me.

It all started in May 1998, two days before my daughter was born.  I did my duty and went to church with my parents, but God had other plans.  He used my parents and a wonderful missionary to transform my life.  The prayer of a World Gospel Missionary from Africa prayed for me.  That was the day I decided to find out about God and never stopped.  I accepted his redeeming love in December of that year.  I grew in him, but went through many trials.

The trails were my health - I began suffering from Asthma.  The smell of flowers, perfume, chemicals, and smoke would start an attack.  I lived in fear of some of God's creations.  I had to tell my husband and everyone to not give me flowers anymore.  No more candles in the house or anyone wearing perfume.  I forgot one important scripture, 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." ESV

The fear continued with other medical conditions - depression, car accident injuries of bulging discs, whiplash, and migraines.  I was filled with fear and pain while trying to still be one of God's redeemed children.   God revealed himself to me, by giving me a call to Africa.  He had a plan, I just had to trust him.  When I began to release that pain and fear and call upon him - he healed me. He opened me up and removed the fear and the pain.  He did that on Mother's Day 2008, 10 years after the missionary from Africa prayed for me.  He did it after he had given my husband conformation that we were to come to Africa.

I was able to smell again, I was able to breathe in his delicate creation.  I can enjoy what he created for me and everyone else on this earth. Now I am in a country that has many smells and also smoke. His healing touch allows me to do his work here everyday.  God brought me to a foreign land to remember how he redeems those that have forgot to have a "spirit of love and self control."  I pray that you remember God's unfailing love and how he has redeemed you.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Coming Home

This is a picture of our house in Uganda.  A home that provides shelter, warmth, and so much more.  The journey getting here was so crazy and amazing all in one.  I arrived first and then Raymond & the kids soon followed.  We moved into this house August 14, 2012.  God knew this is the land he wanted us to come to. 

Part of the journey started four years earlier when he brought us to Uganda in June 2008.  After arriving I remember hearing God's still voice saying Welcome Home.  I didn't know then how that would transform me.  I was a small town girl who was on her first mission trip.  My husband had been on many mission trips using all of his skills and I stayed back each time and prayed.  This time God was calling me to lead my family to Africa. 

The pictures of that time in Uganda were etched in my heart.  The people with joy in their heart, because God was their Savior.  The same God that was my Savior.  We were of different skin color, but was rejoicing in how God redeemed us.  My heart stayed here in Africa when I left and longed for the day I would return.

When I arrived in August, I wondered how I would feel.  Would the sites of beauty, proverty, and big city surprise me?  What I found was so much different - PEACE.  I was finally HOME.  That may be hard for my family to hear, but when you finally realize you are just where God wanted you, it is amazing.

So I am home now God, how do you want me to serve you?  By teaching my children in your classroom, by showing love to the people in my churches, by shining my light for all the world to see.  No problem as long as you are with me.  "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9 NIV

The Call

What is a call and why did God choose me? That is a question that I have often asked myself. In 2007, I heard the call, like Abraham, to go to a land that God would show us. He wanted us to follow him to Africa to serve him. I will send you to serve the people in Africa by assisting the Kelley family in ministry.
The journey has been long, but so rewarding. Walking with God and seeing his purpose and plan is amazing sometimes. I love how Oswald Chambers states in “The Utmost For HIs Highest” about the Called of God. He says, “The call of God is not for the special few, it is for everyone.Whether or not I hear God’s call depends upon the state of my ears; and what I hear depends on my disposition.” So I followed God on a journey of exploration of freedom in him. Peace that is never ending and joy from a creator that asked me to follow him. So I ask the question today, are you listening and hearing your call?