Tuesday, 27 August 2013

America - My home?

We came back to America in June 2013.  It has been crazy travelling on the road since we arrived.  Living out of a suitcase and travelling all over the USA east of the Mississippi River. We have traveled many miles on the road meeting new people and updating everyone of our journey over the last year. We have now arrived to our new home in Wilmore, KY.  It is wonderful to be settled in a place that we can call home. Have a schedule, cook for ourselves, and explore how God wants to use us here in America.

One of the interesting things we have realized, when people ask us, "Where are you from?".  My heart says Uganda, but to many Americans they find that strange.  Yes, home is where you put your head at night, where you grew up, where your roots come from, but it is also where your heart is.  I did not expect to feel so strongly that we left our home in Uganda. It is where I will return to and it is where I long to be.  Yes, I love to hug and kiss my family and friends.  Go eat in a restaurant of food that I have not eaten in a long time.  Watch American TV, play games, go shopping, drive on paved roads.  There is still one thing that remains.  My heart and soul long to walk on the red dirt streets of Uganda, the sound of the "monkey birds" as they call out above my house, the dancing and singing to God in a language that I am still trying to understand, and the joy of a small child greeting me at my car - walking me hand and hand into a small village church.

The people of Uganda, my teacher friends from around the world, and my missionary family that I worked with daily.  They stole a piece of my heart and will keep it until I return safely to them in Uganda.  So yes, my homeland is America, but my home is in Uganda, Africa.  Will you pray with us, for our return to Uganda?  We want to build a whole new team of prayer warriors to walk with us on this journey.  Contact us and let us know if you want to join the team.  We would love to introduce you to our home!