Saturday, 25 January 2014

Thanking Jesus for my husband

I am thanking Jesus for my husband today and his willingness to go where God has called us.  Raymond and I celebrated in November our 20th wedding anniversary.  When I reflect on how God brought the two of us from opposite sides of the country together in a small town in Minnesota.  Even though Ray & I did not have a personal relationship with Christ, we can now see how God had his hand in our lives even back then.


God could direct what seemed impossible then and he was able to direct what seemed impossible now by sending us to Uganda.  I am so proud of the heart of Ray and his willingness to say to God – send me and I will use the gifts you have given me to serve fellow missionaries and the Ugandan people.  Over the year Ray was able to help with networking set up at Heritage International School.  He was also able to assist in IT work at the school, fix laptops for Africa Gospel Church pastors, missionaries, teachers, and students at the school.

                                                Inside of a laptop that Ray fixed (one of many)

 Then he was able to work with helping to maintain and coordinate maintenance on the missionary vehicles and other various jobs for our World Gospel Mission family.  Ray was able to research and explore alternate fuels, cooking sources and water systems.
Mwato stove that he used and shared with the Ugandans
                                     Raymond working on his Bio Gas system
                               The final results of the Bio Gas system was to be able to boil water.

Five years ago he was following me to Africa wondering what his purpose in the short term mission trip was all about.  I remember him talking to an African Pastor that was visiting us in Florida, before our first trip.  Ray was trying to explain many possibilities that the Pastor could do and the Pastor explained to him that God had given him the mind to understand and use the principles.  They could not just read the information like him and make it happen.  Ray then arrived in Uganda and his heart was opened to how he could help the missionaries and the Ugandans.  So I am Thanking Jesus for my husband and his servant heart and mind.

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